We believe in community and we've asked some of our Chapel community to share what God is saying to them.


Worship and Service//Jonny Northcutt

 Growing up worship for me was the 3-5 songs you’d sing on a Sunday morning before and after a sermon. Through my teen years it became something I started to enjoy at camps and events, but still revolved around the idea of communal singing and praising God. None of which are bad things. Coming to chapel and throughout college God really challenged me on the idea of worship as a lifestyle. By that I don’t mean that I should sing worship songs all day every day but He challenged me on the fact that I should worship constantly and consciously through my actions. Coming into college I found God calling me out on the pride I was carrying around with me. My attitude was that I was the best, God really humbled and challenged me on it and I found that He wanted me to serve him and serve others. I began to see and live out what Jesus said when he told us that “what you do for the least of these you do for me” (Matthew 25). Through this God put on my heart this attitude of service and how as a lifestyle this completely falls in with a method of worshiping God. I’ve really enjoyed and been challenged on this process and the process continues as I fall into attitudes of begrudgingly serving. But God certainly keeps bringing me back and building up the desire of worshipful serving as a constant every day decision as a method of loving God and loving others.


Every day worship// Laurie McVeigh


When we think of worship, most of us think of music & songs we sing in church on Sunday...but that isn't all that worship is/has to be. I adore worship in that context & fully believe in the power of music & life-giving lyrics to lead people into the Holy Spirit...but I also believe that there's an incredible power in worshipping in the every day, daily moments. Worship isn't only about singing praise to God...it's about shifting the focus from ourselves & magnifying Jesus in our lives. See, when you start seeing normal, daily things as a means to glorifying God, then those normal, daily things become more of an expression of worship. There's glory sent upwards in encouraging a friend; in taking a minute to appreciate the sunset; in sending someone a text just to see how their week's going...God has so much for us in the little moments in our daily lives, & just looking to him in those is not only an expression of worship, but it puts us in a position for him to do something incredible. The monotonous can become the extraordinary when we shift our perspective from an earthly one to a heavenly one.