“They gathered with one unifying purpose"... 


To rebuild all that has been broken
& to restore all that has been lost.
To retrieve a wandering generation
& to remind them of His love.

Chapel band

In 2013, six students got together in the Chapel room of a downtown Dublin Church, wanting God to move in the land of Ireland. These young people prayed and worshipped God, seeking Him for revival in their city.  In the three years since that time, Chapel has become a home, a community, a family to hundreds of young people encountering Christ every single week. 

The songs of this revival were penned by the worshippers of Chapel Band who had poured into this movement and were beginning to see all they had prayed and longed for. Chapel Band saw unprecedented success when their debut EP, 'Fire By Night' went to No.1 on National iTunes. The heart of Chapel Band is to minister to God and to people.  Each week, Chapel Band lead hundreds of young people into worship and point them to Jesus. Chapel Band champion the local church and play weekly, training up new musicians and leaders.